The Stage Truck

The Stage Truck is a 1993 P30 Chevy step van. In a past life, this truck transported and presented Ronald McDonald for thousands of shows. 

In March 2020, The Stage Truck was repurposed in response to Covid-19. Now, we drive The Stage Truck, The Grad Mobile, The Santa Mobile, The Stage Truck Circus, and the truck in other custom designed formats for safe performances at socially-distant events.

What We Offer

The Stage Truck can be customized to meet your needs!

The Grad Mobile was our original, award-winning offering

The Santa Mobile has many variations available

Also available for any other holiday or special event!

The Stage Truck Circus is available for custom designed circus shows featuring wire walking, aerial skills, juggling, and other favorite circus skills.

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Michael- 410-627-0669

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